Our Clients

At our cattery, we consider all of our clients to be a part of our small and loving Sphynx Family. We appreciate your continued support, and here are a few kind words from some of our satisfied clients:

Hello everyone.

I would like to introduce you to my beautiful little girl Freya. I picked her up on June 1st. The cattery owner, Nadiya, was amazing. She met me halfway as I live quite a distance away from her. Thank you, Nadiya, for being so wonderful and always answering my questions. You had a way of making me feel close to Freya, even though I wasn’t able to visit her. Freya is more than I ever could’ve expected. She’s so very loving, playful, sweet and much more. 

Thank you so much for blessing me with my beautiful little angel.

Jessie, ON

Anjo is very happy and playful, and he eats really good as well.

He loves to take his naps in his favorite blanket that you gave him.

Thank you so much, Nadiya, I am so grateful to have found you ❤️

you are the best 🌹🤗

Isabel, MB

We searched for over 6 yrs for a specific sphynx to join our family..Long story short, we have a senior dog who has a strong bond with our 6yr old dog, both dogs are rescues... Our 6yr old has separation anxiety (destroyed 4 couches) and I developed severe allergies to our dogs, and we began to find the perfect match for both our dogs. We contacted many breeders, nor were we in a hurry to find a pet who'd fit in, during that time that we came across My Canadian Warming Sphynx.. After many conversations with Nadya and looking over the page, it was an instant connection, when we seen black elf boy, blue collar, we knew he was the one! We immediately began to call him Vin or Vinny (Vin Diesel), I could feel the passion from when we chose him to when the travel (12hrs one way) was made to pick up our new addition, to when he came home to meet his new family. She's been above and beyond with her support and has always been available when we have questions. If we were to expand our family again, we'd definitely add another sphynx from My Warming Canadian Sphynx. XOXO

Dani, ON

In August 2022 we decided to adopt a second Sphynx kitten so our first one wouldn’t be alone we adopted Ava from My Warming Canadian Sphynx. It was the absolute best move we did, Nadiya’s kittens are so well adjusted and use to people and attention our Ava is a total character and we couldn’t love her any more than we already do she is one of our babies. Nadiya gets her kittens prepared for their new homes well in advance and makes sure they are well socialized which helps them adjust to their new surroundings. 

After adopting Ava in August I saw a new little of kittens Nadiya’s Tessa and Martin had and fell in love with her beautiful tiny female orange collar girl I had to have her. We adopted her end of December and now have 2 of Nadiya’s beauties and wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world they are night and day in temperaments but all so lovable. They entertain us for hours on end miss Leah is our quiet snuggle bug while lil Ava is the trouble maker in the house she starts trouble when she feels things are too quiet. We love our girls and definitely recommend My Warming Canadian Sphynx kittens to anyone looking for the most well rounded love bug. 

Tracy & Paul. Sudbury, Ontario

I got my Elf sphynx almost 7 months ago from Nadiya and honestly I don’t have any regrets buying it from her, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t waste my time as I did to look around for getting my cat. I

I’m in love with my baby Ruby, she’s so affectionate, nice and she loves to be all the time with me. She always sleeps with me, she likes following me every where. If I call her she comes at me, she’s the best things ever happened to me. 

I believe the reason why my sphynx is like this is because the way she was raise. Nadiya has them the 3 firsts months of their life and she takes care of them so much, this’s why they’re so perfect. Each time I had a question, Nadiya was always there to answer any of my questions. 

One more thing, I always been allergic to cat and I don’t have any problems with my sphynx. 

Good luck and I hope you’re going to make the right decision. 

Guylaine Sioui, QC

Nadiya is a breeder who cares. She happily answers all my questions, no matter how silly I think they are. Nadiya is passionate about her cats and their lives afterward. She is always happy to send information or to point you in the right direction also. To be honest, I always try to do what she says because she knows more about this amazing breed than I do. 

Thanks Nadiya, I’m looking forward to many babies and I appreciate your support when I have concerns. 

In caring,

Stacey Le Jeune 

Harlequin Cattery 

Nova Scotia, Canada

I first met Nadiya when I bought my bambino, Alfie Moon. I liked what she did with her cats and kittens and took them to the vet and had them all checked that everything was ok with them and getting them their required jobs from the vet and also neutered/spayed all in the price of the purchase.  One day in August I drove up to get my Alfie Moon, he was the first Bambino/Sphynx I’d ever owned.  He has a great loving nature and likes to be with me and follows me around the house, when I do the dishes he’s right there fascinated with the water.  So, I’m planning on getting a second Bambino or Elf from Nadiya as I now love the breed and especially I like her commitment and her honest considerate nature to her cats, the care she gives them and help to new owners of her kittens.  Nadiya is a good trustworthy business woman who I’d recommend to anyone who’s interested in getting a Bambino, Elf or Sphynx.

Patcy Dowell, ON

Nadiya has truly given my family a gift. Maeve (my third Sphynx) was so lovingly raised by Nadiya and transitioned, (with her reassuring advice), to our family. I will be forever grateful 🖤

*Maeve is on the bottom then Lucifer and Cooper

Sarah J Corbett

Nadiya has truly given my family a gift. Maeve (my third Sphynx) was so lovingly raised by Nadiya and transitioned, (with her reassuring advice), to our family. I will be forever grateful 🖤

*Maeve is on the bottom then Lucifer and Cooper

Sarah J Corbett

..."I just wanted to let you know that these beautiful girls are doing amazing and we are madly in love with them. We can’t imagine not having both of them together, it was meant to be.

They went to the vet today and are perfectly healthy as we knew they would be. You are an incredible breeder, it is evident by the personality of these kittens and their excellent health.

I can’t thank you enough for letting us take both girls home that day."...

Meaghan Bulgin, ON