What Supplies
Are Necessary for
My New Kitten?

Pet Carrier

To ensure the safety and comfort of your kitten during transportation, you'll require a pet carrier. Consider lining the carrier's bottom with a soft towel or blanket for added coziness.


You'll need to provide your kitten with food, either in the form of raw mixes or kibbles. A two-pound package from Big Country Raw is included in your starter kit. If you opt for kibble, choose a high-protein product, such as Acana or Origen (with high animal protein content).

Food and Water Bowls

Select sturdy, non-tip food and water bowls, preferably made of easy-to-clean ceramic. It's important to clean and refill these bowls daily to ensure your kitten always has access to fresh, clean water.

Litter Box

Choose a litter box with low walls for easy access. Ideally, have one litter box per cat, plus an extra one. Ensure you use kitten-safe litter; we recommend Okocat Original Premium Clumping Cat Litter for young kittens and wood pellets from Canadian Tire for older cats. Don't forget a scooper for cleaning and a litter mat to catch stray litter.

Cat Bed

While you discover your kitten's bed preferences, start with a simple cardboard "bed." Find a spacious cardboard box with high sides to prevent drafts, cut a doorway, add an old cushion, and cover it with a washable, soft material for warmth. Cat Cave Bed types are popular in our cattery.

Cat Tree

Your new kitten deserves their own kingdom. A cat tree not only provides a regal lounging spot but also offers opportunities for climbing, scratching, and exploration. Look for a cat tree with a tall tower, multiple perches, and stability.

Scratching Post

Invest in a scratching post to train your kitten and protect your furniture. Ensure it's tall and sturdy enough for your kitten to stretch out fully. It can also be integrated into the cat tree. Consider adding a couple of scratching pads to various rooms.


Kittens require safe and engaging toys to promote physical exercise and mental stimulation. Opt for toys designed specifically for cats, avoiding items that can splinter or be torn apart. Rattling balls, catnip mice, and hard rubber mice are all excellent choices.

Nail Clipper

Keep your kitten's claws in good health by regularly trimming them. Choose small clippers designed for cats, making the process safer and easier.

Cat Grooming Tools

Sphynx cats, due to their lack of fur, require regular bathing. Use warm, not hot, water and a soap-free pet shampoo like Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe dog and cat shampoo, which contains natural ingredients like coconut oil. Cat wipes can also be handy for quick cleaning between baths. Additionally, maintain clean ears by removing excess wax weekly, using a vet-recommended ear cleaner for better results.