What makes Sphynx so unique?

Although in theory, Sphynx cats may simply be classified as "hairless cats" that lose more body heat and therefore seek warmth from various sources, including humans, in practice, they are much more than that. These felines are known for their outgoing and friendly nature, and they get along with everyone, including other pets. This trait is well known to dog owners who have experience with Sphynx cats. Despite the common notion that cats are not social animals, the Sphynx is a notable exception, and its large community of human admirers is a testament to this fact. In short, Sphynx cats offer the best of both worlds!

Are they hypoallergenic?

While it would be ideal if Sphynx cats were hypoallergic, the reality is that they do produce body oils as other cats and that can affect individuals with cat allergies. However, unlike other cats, the oil is not distributed across the entire house with shed fur, which often leads to airborne dust that can cause allergy symptoms. As a result, Sphynx cats are generally less likely to trigger allergic reactions. We invite you to visit our cattery and experience it for yourself.

Do they require extra maintenance?

While Sphynx cats do not require extensive cleaning of fur, they do need some maintenance to keep them healthy and happy. This includes cleaning their ears and claws once a week, as they tend to accumulate more oils than their furry counterparts. Occasionally, they may require a bath, or you can use cat wipes to keep them clean. It's not necessary to bathe them every week, as this can cause them to produce more oil. Use your own discretion and take note that their diet can affect their appearance. Sometimes, Sphynx cats enjoy warm water, but be sure to keep their diet in check to maintain their health and appearance.

Do they require warmth?

Yes, hairless cats require warmth. As they have little to no fur, they are more sensitive to changes in temperature and can become cold easily. It is important to provide them with a warm and comfortable environment, especially in cooler climates. This can include providing them with blankets, a heated bed, or/and keeping the room they are in at a comfortable temperature.

How much do they cost?

Price of a specific kitten is influenced by various factors. Typically, our prices range from 2200 to 2700 CAD, and we ask a 500 CAD deposit upon reservation. We always offer discounts to existing customers or new customers who buy more than one kitten. Those who refer a friend or family member receive the same discount.  Please contact us for more details.

What Supplies Are Necessary for My New Kitten?

Pet Carrier, Food, Food and Water Bowls, Litter Box, Cat Bed, Cat Tree, Scratching Post, Toys, Nail Clipper, Cat Grooming Tools.  Detailed answer is here.

Do I need to isolate kitten after arrival?

Quarantine is the practice of isolating a new pet from other animals in the household to prevent the spread of disease and minimize stress on the new pet. When you bring a new kitten home, it is important and is required by our contract to keep them in quarantine for several reasons:

Please read our step-by-step introduction guide for more details.

What I need to know if I have another cat at home?

It is important to properly introduce a new kitten to a household that already has one or more cats because abrupt introductions can cause stress and anxiety for all cats involved. Cats are territorial animals and may feel threatened by the presence of a new cat in their territory. If the introduction is not done properly, it could lead to aggression, fights, and other negative behaviors that could harm both cats physically and emotionally.

Please read our step-by-step introduction guide for more details.

What do I feed them?

As obligate carnivores, felines require a diet that consists mostly of meat and are unable to properly digest vegetation. For this reason, we feed our cats with a high-quality raw diet that includes a balanced mix of meat, bones, organs, and supplements. If you are wondering whether it's okay to feed them something else, the answer can be found here.